A warforged warlock, student and friend of the hero Watt Higgans, determined to find his own destiny.


Name: Tinman
Race: Warforged
Class: Warlock
Pact: Star/Fey
Paragon Path: Student of Caiphon
Epic Destiny: Radiant One/Planeshaper
Affiliations: O.H.S., Lockdown
Known Associates: Walter Atticus Higgans (whereabouts unknown), Bryson Max, Landis T. Klien, Quarm, Aryonna, Prayer, Bunwick, Dr. Brains, Finrod (deceased), Sprout (currently depowered), Scarecrow (deceased), Lion (whereabouts unknown), Dorothy (whereabouts unknown), General Reichstutter (deceased)

Tinman 1
Tinman’s original form

Psi forged
Tinman, showing the early stages of his starflesh after absorbing the Living Star’s energy.


Tinman is a warforged construct who went into a state of inactivity following his service in the First Great War. His body, along with 4 others, was discovered centuries later by the new OHS under the command of General Reichstutter who was leading an archaeological expedition to find the great mechanical titans.
The 5 warforged were transported to an OHS facility where each was reactivated, “reprogrammed”, and outfitted by Reichstutter himself to take on new roles as the OHS’ newest fighting unit: G.O.D. (Godslayer Obliteration Division).The warforged were trained in their new roles. Tinman, designated then as G.O.D number 4, was trained in the arcane arts and ordered to create a pact with infernal entities, becoming a dangerous warlock. The GOD unit was a fighting force to be reckoned with that swept through the minor godslayers, both efficiently…and violently.
When the OHS managed to capture a godslayer, the GOD unit was ordered to travel en route to the facility where the godslayer was being held as a final test of their abilities as a group. Upon arrival, the facility was attacked by the adventuring group The Next Best Thing. Before the GOD unit could react to the ensuing attack, the facility was destroyed in a massive explosion from Watt Higgans’ Breath of Zehir device. Assumed destroyed, the OHS abandoned the wasteland where the facility once stood and continued their operations.
Following the eventual defeat of General Reichstutter and the imposter Gus McGraw at the hands of The Next Best Thing, Watt Higgans returned to the site of the facility with his newly developed terraforming device and came across a lone inactive construct still somewhat intact among the rubble. Higgans repaired the construct, none other than GOD number 4, recognizing the handiwork of his former nemesis Reichstutter. Higgans attempted to undo the reprogramming of the warforged but could not fully undo the OHS‘ programming.
GOD 4, renamed by Higgans as Tinman, an ironic moniker in reference to his amazing durability and survival of the OHS facilities destruction, remained with Watt Higgans for a few years as an assistant, continuing to learn the arcane arts under Watt’s tutelage. During his tutelage, Tinman forged a pact with the vestiges of old, the spirits of ancient times when the warforged were many and served in the great war. When Watt Higgans eventually passed on, Tinman, acting on Watt’s final wish, traveled to and met with the Steelwrithe clan. Tinman had befriended Watt’s goblin god-child Evard Steelwrithe in prior visits during his time living under Higgans’ guidance. Tinman remained with the Steelwrithe clan for a time until the ever looming threat of the godslayers became more than he could ignore.
Acting upon his original programming that Reichstutter instilled in him, Tinman returned to the new OHS headquarters, offering his services back. Tinman was recruited into the OHS and now trains his arcane powers to fight off the godslayers in a war that will determine the fate of all life in all worlds.
After having several adventures with his companions in Lockdown, Tinman has emerged from his identity crisis renewed. He formed several friendships with other beings aboard the Hindenburg, including fellow engineer expert Bunwick and the mysterious artificial life-form Prayer, with whom Tinman has slowly developed a kinship with and a romantic interest in. Having forged duel pacts with both the living stars and with the spirits of the Feywild, Tinman has established himself as a mighty foe against the Godslayers. In a more recent turn of events, Tinman battled with Lockdown against one of his former GOD unit members and fellow Warforged, Scarecrow. The battle was fierce and, though ultimately won, was all but bittersweet as Tinman laid a once good friend down to death. In another epic battle, Finrod, one of Tinman’s mentors, had absorbed the former Living Star into himself but could not shoulder the burden of that power. Tinman then took upon himself that same energy and set forth a series of events that will ultimately transform him into the NEW living star. In another tragic battle, Lockdown was forced to kill Finrod, who went insane. Tinman has taken upon himself, a special pact as a student of the sometimes treacherous living star, Caiphon. His pacts with the other living stars has granted him immense radiant power. During his battle against the Godslayers, Tinman discovered an astral seed and has become a Planeshaper, pouring incredible amounts of energy into the seed to develop and shape his own pocket dimension within the Astral Sea. Tinman continues his battles with Lockdown against the might of the Godslayers with these new powers at his disposal; all the while desperately searching for his greatest ally and savior, Watt Higgans, who was last seen by Tinman, in a vision, on the run with his god, Erathis.


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