"In the beginning, the Gods swore to defend the worlds. Silently, they pledged an Oath back..."


Name: Quarm
Player: Maggard
Deity: None
Alignment: Good
Race: Wilden (Uses Wilden Stats) – Created the Species in a 3.0 Campaign
Age: Natural Immortal
Gender: Female
Size: Medium
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 125
Heroic Class: Druid (Predator)
Paragon Path: Guardian of the Living Gate
Epic Destiny: Sovereign Beast


Created ages ago when the Gods of nature promised to defend the natural world, the eternal essence of the Plane known as Oru swore an oath back and began creating a warrior who contained the primal essence of evolution itself; able to utilize any form or natural ability in order to adapt and destroy all enemies.

For eons Quarm slept at the heart of the world, until the Dawn War and the destruction of the Living Gate allowed the horrors of the Far Realm to spill out into normal creation. With the loss of the Over-God AO the Godslayers ran unchecked, destroying several members of differing Godly pantheons before a group of heroes, known as the “Light Walkers”, were able to destroy one of the monstrous, pseudonatural horrors. This gave the horde pause and allowed most civilized species the ability to retreat into the Underdark. Now, with the fate of four worlds in the balance, Quarm has been re-awakened to find her world shattered and three others in danger of suffering the same fate.

Quarm is the creator of the Wilden race and the primal avatar of Nature itself, though she spends most of her time as a female humanoid representing the fertility of nature as well as easing interaction with sentient species. As such, her personality is as chaotic as a summer storm. When she is in the Aspect of the Ancient, Quarm is serene, inquisitive, and coldly logical. While in the Aspect of the Hunter, she is playful, somewhat aggressive, and a very curious being. The third Aspect she may represent, that of the Destroyer, has yet to be witnessed by her “pack,” perhaps for good reason.

Her personal pursuit is simply to eliminate the Godslayers and in doing so save the natural order from the aberrations of the Far Realm and allowing her to slumber until she is required again. However, recently, stirrings within her have her wondering whether there is more to her destiny than a cycle of sleep, war, sleep. She’s begun to find the waking world much more engaging then she had at first; her thoughts not always those of a primal huntress but longing for…more? Is this her own personal evolution, corrupting influence from her enemies, or something else?


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