Landis T. Klien

Sometimes, experience is all you need.


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Klien was born on Ir’lakoon.

Age : 36

Family; Father and Wife that he refuses to name.

Klien is a fairly straight forward man, brutally honest and forth-coming. Favoring heavy armor and bladed weapons, given his training with the Eventune Royal guard on Ir’lakoon. Klein tries to keep himself, aware and sober at all times. He strays away from drinking and reveling even while his allies are having the time of their lives. (except for the occasional dance) He has an odd fascination with the smell of alcohol. When asked, he drifts off into a song under his breath, citing better times. He also will not look twice at any woman in a sexual way, ever faithful to his wife.

He also claims to have held a wide and varied assortment of jobs in the past, ranging from bard to warlord, all with completely ridiculous storys of “Back in my younger days…” He also has an odd preoccupation with stories of forgotten gods, Lathander and Kelemvor are fore-figures in his ramblings more often then not. And though he claims to be a man of great faith, he doesn’t feel the need to pray, though he is comfortable leading others in their rites.

Joining the OHS was the right thing to do, in his mind. “Let Black point the fingers, I’m fine with being the hand of god for a while.”. Learning that Silas was to be his commander was a deep comfort, who better to put his skills to use? Working toward a Ir’Lakoon free of the tyranny of the Godslayers, he knows this is what Silas would have him do, because he knows they both love their land, their people, and their faith.

Ever the optimist, at least he likes to think he is these days. The truth of it is, he feels haunted by what he hasn’t accomplished in his career. The lives that he couldn’t save, the people he let down when they depended on him the most. He spends his days now serving Silas Redroot, not his oldest, but his dearest friend. All of the actions of his past, he knows Silas knows them better than he does. Every misstep, a note. Every bloody battle, a chapter. These days, trying to make Silas at ease by completing the missions laid before him are what gets him by from day to day. In his mind, Silas is the better man, and has lost far more then he could ever dream of losing.

Landis T. Klien

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