Bryson Max

Human Rogue with something to prove... even if it is to himself...


Current Theme: Nickelback – Savin’ Me
Previous Theme: Clash – I fought the law

Bryson Max was born in Adarant.

Father: Eric
Mother: Tara
Sister: Julie – 10
Brother: Jacob – 7

Bryson grew up in the busy streets of Adarant. Bryson’s family was poor which led him to his current path. He learned his skill by stealing from the market district. After one too many run in’s with the law, Bryson was sent to prison for stealing for three years at the age of 18. During his prison stay, Bryson had several run in’s with a gentleman by the name of Tiny. Bryson never learned Tiny’s real name, but Tiny was anything but tiny… Tiny was a 300 lb control freak that ran a smuggling ring within the prison. Tiny wanted Bryson to take care of some of his dirty work when people did not pay for the items they requested. Bryson refused and Tiny was furious for being declined. Tiny sent other goons to “take care” of Bryson, but it was Bryson who took care of them. Bryson spent the remainder of his sentence fighting for himself, never keeping his guard down.

Once released, having nothing to his name, Bryson set off to make a name for himself… and a lot of money…being unsuccessful and not wanting to go back to his previous life, Bryson joined the OHS to put his skills to good use… It was either that or prison. Bryson figured, there was good money involved rather than scrapping every day for himself, he could help improve his families living conditions.

Since joining the OHS, Bryson hasn’t looked back… on his old life at least…

Bryson Max

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